Bridal Shower Themes – My Top Fav’s

Just like a wedding, there are SO many themes to choose from when it comes to your Bridal Shower. It’s almost my favorite part of having a wedding. It’s just for you and the best girls in your life, you can let loose, have a great time, etc. Plus it’s an extra day you get to be pampered.

These are a few of my top favorite themes. I have an awesome idea for a bridal shower, but it’s a secret. It’s being saved for the right bride. 🙂

This shower looks like SO MUCH FUN! Doesn't it? It's sort of a mixture between french and carnival. I of course love the touch of Audrey. This would be super easy to do and not too expensive.


I like the use of pink, being that it's a bridal shower. It's very traditional, but at a whole new level. It's extremely elegant, and there is just enough pink, so it's not overkill. I absolutely adore the long table. It is so much more intimate, in my opinion, to seat your guests this way. It's so girly but not too girly. It's the perfect balance. Bravo!


If you know me personally, it wouldn't be a surprise to you when I say that this one is my number one favorite! I love anything vintage/retro/fifties. Wouldn't it be so much fun to wear vintage bathing suits, hairstyles, glasses, and pumps and have a beach party? This rates 1 million on my scale of cuteness!


Today is a bridal shower day! More bridal shower inspired blog posts to come!

Music & Dancing – Helpful Tips

-Music played during the cocktail hour should be both celebratory and mellow. Since this period marks the beginning of the party, you’ll want the tunes to be upbeat; at the same time, the music should be on the quieter side so that people can chat without fighting the noise.

-Music played during dinner should be background music. Usually, it takes the form of mellow jazz, classical, or light pop played at a relatively low volume so that people can converse easily as they eat. Most couples and caterers prefer not to have dance music played during the meal service in order to keep everything running smoothly and on schedule.

-Try to select a range of musical genres (from standards to current party hits) to be played during the reception so that all of your guests will enjoy themselves.

-Ask if the bandleader/disc jockey will act as emcee for the evening, announcing important events – such as toasts, the cake-cutting ceremony, and the opening of the dessert bar, to name a few — in order to ensure the smooth flow of your party.

-If you and your groom want to be especially graceful when taking your turn on the dance floor, sign up for dancing lessons. Not only will you get to spend some fun evenings together, you’ll feel more confident in the spotlight on your wedding day. Most couples take ballroom dancing, but salsa and swing are options as well. Many studios offer classes geared specifically to engaged couples.

-Make sure that you know where the band/disc jockey, speakers, and dance floor will be set up before figuring out table assignments; this way you can seat the younger crowd in the middle of the action and situate others where they may be more comfortable.


Need Engagement Photos?


If you are looking for a photographer in Eastern NC, try Photography by Amanda Lynn! She’s amazing and so is her work.

By Amanda Lynn

By Amanda Lynn

If you are in Southern California, try Face on by Tamara. She is amazing and she’s a dear friend of mine. She’s a Photographer and Makeup Artist who is actually the Makeup Artist for the hit Television show ‘Millionaire Matchmaker”. Her calendar is filling up, so book your session soon!


By Face On By Tamara

By Face On By Tamara

By Face On By Tamara

It’s Personal.

Hi everyone! As you can see, it’s been a few days since i’ve blogged. For those of you who care, I apologize for depriving you! But it also means I’m super busy working on weddings…so that’s a plus!

I was just browsing through my ‘Exquisite Weddings by San Diego Magazine’ magazine, and I had to share this article.

I LOVE the top photos. I’m pretty much obsessed with that dress and the whole look and feel of this. Oh my.

If you can’t read the fine print, here is what the article says:

“Engagement Photography has evolved from static, overly-posed portraits to dynamic location shoots with clever elements that reflect a couple’s personality. Cindy Lowe from Orange Turtle Photography explains, “We love capturing the emotions of their interactions. Bringing a prop helps create the setting for a lifestyle engagement session — like with the couple we shot who loves Scrabble. They have been together since age 16, and Scrabble has been a significant part of the relationship. In the picture, they are holding tiles spelling a word that describes the other person. It was quite a sweet moment when they revealed them to each other.” — Ann Wycoff

I continue to be amazed at how creative couples get with their engagement photos. I especially love viewing photos of a couple I know well when it totally reflects their personalities. And your guests will love it too! Although, no matter how creative you are as a person, the outcome of your photos greatly depends on your photographer. So make sure you choose a good one!

When I first got engaged I could not wait to take engagement photos. We took them at “our beach” in Coronado, CA.

Let’s see some of your engagement photos! I may post some on here 🙂 send them to 

Down the Aisle – Fortune Telling For Brides

” You will be stunning no matter how you come down the aisle, but read on to see what is in store for your choice.

Photo by FACE ON BY TAMARA – California

In the latter part of your lives together, you and your husband will travel a great deal.

You have a persuasive way about you. Tap into it when you need to get things from others.

The good character of others is very important to you. You have equally high expectations for yourself, and are known for your dignity, honesty, and wisdom.

You are always up for a challenge. Your powers of motivation are quite strong. Consider leading a team or starting a business — those under you will be all to happy to do as you advise.

Adversity does not discourage you. Your vast powers of concentration will get you through rough times.

You are a lifelong learner. Continue to take classes, read, and improve yourself thought your life. You will take great joy in spreading that knowledge to others.”

– “Fortune-Telling Book for Brides” by K.C. Jones

Here Comes the Bride

As the years go by, brides are pushing the envelope with their weddings. They’re keeping some timeless traditions and tying them in with their own style and today’s edge. I encourage you to do the same. When planning your wedding, look at the advice you get and rules you read as guidelines, then fill in the gaps with your passion and creativity. That’s what makes for a truly unique and memorable wedding. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the best day of your life!

There are so many different ways to enhance your aisle. Here are a few ideas that will wow your guests:

Customize your aisle runner by printing your monogram on it. Add your date and even a romantic quote that coincides with your theme, if you'd like.

Go above and beyond to make your aisle extravagant by adding elegant touches.

A lot of people don't even use runners anymore, they simply decorate the ground with an enormous amount of rose petals. I love this look. I love this venue.

Here is another example, and done just as beautifully as the photo above.

This is so creative.

This is my favorite. Who says aisles have to be straight? Give all of your guests a front row seat. Simply divine.

This is different and beautiful.


If you created an aisle for your wedding that was out of the norm or especially creative, i’d love to see it! I’ll even post it on my blog! E-mail photos to And include what inspired you to do it that way.

Happy Planning!