Just like a wedding, there are SO many themes to choose from when it comes to your Bridal Shower. It’s almost my favorite part of having a wedding. It’s just for you and the best girls in your life, you can let loose, have a great time, etc. Plus it’s an extra day you get to be pampered.

These are a few of my top favorite themes. I have an awesome idea for a bridal shower, but it’s a secret. It’s being saved for the right bride. 🙂

This shower looks like SO MUCH FUN! Doesn't it? It's sort of a mixture between french and carnival. I of course love the touch of Audrey. This would be super easy to do and not too expensive.


I like the use of pink, being that it's a bridal shower. It's very traditional, but at a whole new level. It's extremely elegant, and there is just enough pink, so it's not overkill. I absolutely adore the long table. It is so much more intimate, in my opinion, to seat your guests this way. It's so girly but not too girly. It's the perfect balance. Bravo!


If you know me personally, it wouldn't be a surprise to you when I say that this one is my number one favorite! I love anything vintage/retro/fifties. Wouldn't it be so much fun to wear vintage bathing suits, hairstyles, glasses, and pumps and have a beach party? This rates 1 million on my scale of cuteness!


Today is a bridal shower day! More bridal shower inspired blog posts to come!