Lack of Posts

Dear followers, 

I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t blogged in quite a while. Sorry about that. My beloved Husband, my life, was killed in Afghanistan on June 23rd, 2012 fighting for our country. I’m not sure I will be continuing my career as a wedding coordinator or not. I will keep y’all updated. Thank you for everyones love and support through this horrible time.

-Mrs. Hogan

Best Cake in Town!

Dear brides, future brides, and all others that are in need of tasty cakes near New Bern, NC – check out Ali Smith Cake Design. (

I recently worked with Ali Smith on a wedding, and was SO impressed. Not only were her desserts beautiful, but they tasted great. Her immaculate attention to detail and passion that she pours into her work is exactly what you need for your big day.

I’m also excited to go to their Grand Opening tomorrow night! It will be a blast.

Love, your guests

I came across these adorable and unique ideas to hear what your guests have to say about your union. Guestbooks are great, and a tradition of course, but how often do you see what your guests wrote you? Only when you pull the book out once in a blue moon. Try these instead, and be reminded everyday of your guests love and support for you both.

This is Tre Chic. How perfect would it be to give your children this when they got married? I’m tearing up just thinking of the gesture.

I wish I could have done this. Have your table numbers be envelopes, and have your guests write you a note of a wish or advice, and don’t open the envelope until your 12th anniversary, or whatever the corresponding number is. Absolutely Brilliant!

Get Motivated!

Are you working your butt off to fit into your wedding dress? If so, keep it up! If not, GET MOTIVATED! Your future husband will love you no matter what you look like when you walk down that aisle, but chances are you won’t love yourself until you look exactly how you imagined on your wedding day. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Get motivated! Get inspired. Hire a trainer if you have to! If that’s what gets you going, it’s worth it.

Here are a few blogs that you can look at for tips, meal plans, exercises and most of all – MOTIVATION!


PS. If you have to yell really loud in a new york accent while you’re at the gym to get pumped up like I do, do it. Who cares?

Look on pinterest for work outs. There are millions on there!

Trash to Treasure with Jordyn Luise

This is sort of unrelated to weddings, but I just had to share! My dear friend Jordyn Luise is so talented! She is an interior decorator located in Jacksonville, NC. I’ve never seen anyone turn a beat up old dresser into a work of art the way she does. For my brides that just tied the knot whose next project is their new home, give Jordyn a call. You won’t regret it! Whether you live in Davenport, CA or Boston, MA you can still check out her blog for great design tips, tutorials and inspiration. Take a look!

“Well-behaved women seldom make history.” —Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

Last weekend I hosted a Pure Romance party at my house, for a few of my closest friends, just for fun. And boy did we have fun! For all of your Brides-to-be looking for a unique, sexy, outrageous idea for a Bachelorette Party, here it is.

Think sex toy parties are trashy? Think again. Here are a few ways to make your naughty event chic and classy.

I hope my vulgar language doesn’t offend you, but I’m married to a Marine…so I can’t help it. Plus it’s a line from a really awesome Prince song.

I made the chalkboard out of wood and chalkboard paint, but it’s actually always hanging there in my kitchen. It really comes in handy for parties and holidays! I found those pink and red lanters at Target in the dollar section. Such a steal! I just hung them with fishing line from my ceiling with thumb tacks. The lights were my favorite part. They really set the mood for my sexy get together.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I came across these napkins at New River Pottery, down the street from my house. They were only $1 each so I snagged them up!

Any party with Brie is a classy party. Take my word for it. Pair it with grapes and crackers, and people automatically assume you have money. Okay, not really. But Brie is kind of a luxury. (To me, anyways)

I didn’t make dinner, just tasteful appetizers. These are grape tomatoes, basil leaves, and mozzarella balls drizzled with balsamic vinegar on a toothpick. I also made cream cheese stuffed Jalepenos wrapped in bacon, and sliced french bread with tomato sauce, mazzarella cheese and orageno on top. My dear friend Rebekah brought her homemade spinach artichoke dip and brownies. The food was a hit.

I served my favorite wine (at the moment) – Cupcake Cab and Monogamy Cab. I thought the Monogamy was fitting for this occasion. I also had beer and non alcoholic beverages. And my friend provided sweet red wine for all of the sweet wine drinkers, bless her heart. Lord knows I wouldn’t be caught dead buying that stuff.

This is the table we used to set up the product on. I don’t beat around the bush. No pun intended. I got these letters from New River Pottery for $2.79 Each!

My friends enjoying the drinks and grub

Me and my bestfriend Rebekah

Me and my other best friend Jordyn

Thank you to all of my friends who came and made this party so successful and fun! And a special thanks to my Pure Romance Consultant Elizabeth Mayo!

Even if you’re not a Bride-to-be, and you’re in the Eastern NC area give Elizabeth a call! She was so enthusiastic about her products and we learned a lot!

Elizabeth Mayo
Consultant 85981

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Nixon!

Saturday, May 19th, I had the pleasure of coordinating the wedding of Canda and Kevin Nixon. The wedding went wonderfully. It was an intimate gathering of 40 of their closest friends and family members. The room was filled with so much love, it was amazing. A special thanks to all of the vendors that helped make their day magical:

The Flame Catering
The food was OUT OF THIS WORLD! And the wait staff was amazing. Thank you guys.

Ali Smith Cake Designs
The champagne infused cupcakes were beautiful AND delicious! Well done.

Wiley Flowers 
The flowers were so beautiful! Thank you so much for working with us on such short notice. You made the bride a very happy girl.

Country Aire Rental
The chairs and arch looked so beautiful in the garden of the Stanly House. Thank you Gail of Country Aire for being so flexible.

Morris Party Rentals
Tammy, thank you so much for the beautiful chair linens and sashes. They looked perfect.

Bill Thruman of 757 Photography
Bill, thank you so much for all of your help with the ceremony set up. I can’t wait to see the photos!

DJ Joe Traxx
Joe I had so much fun working with you. You are a riot! Thank you for everything!

252 288-2554
Thank you for performing a beautiful, heart felt ceremony. It had us all in tears.

Makeup Artist –
Gwendolyn Harris

Your work on Canda was ravishing.

Ceremony Site
Tryon Palace – Stanly House Gardens
Nicole Brooks (Event Coordinator)
A special, special thank you to Nicole and Jackie. You were both so helpful throughout the whole process. Jackie helped me and my assistant at the ceremony so much. We couldn’t have done it without her.

Reception Site
Fairfield Harbour Recreation Center
107 Marina Drive, New Bern, NC

252-638-8011 x3
Thank you SO much for being so attentive and accomodating. We couldn’t have done it without your help. 

I owe the biggest thanks to my team – Tara Pelsue (Assistant and Sister), Jordyn Pruitt and Brennan Pruitt. I could NOT have done this wedding without you. That is an understatement. Thank you so much! You made everything look so beautiful.

Thank you to the sweet police man who waited behind me on the bridge when I got a flat tire. Thank you so much for making sure I was safe. And thank you to the towe man from AAA who came out to get me even though it was his day off.🙂

Last but not least, Thank you to Canda and Kevin for letting me be a part of your special day!

If I left anyone out, please let me know!

Pictures will be posted soon!!

Bridal Shower Games

Here are some cute bridal shower games to include in your party festivities. Some of them are obvious, but no less exciting!

This one is super cool!

Hopefully this doesn't happen at your bridal shower, but if it does....I hope you and your guests look this fabulous smashing cake in each other's faces, and that a photographer is there to capture it. 🙂 Let them eat cake (Literally)


Bridal Shower Themes – My Top Fav’s

Just like a wedding, there are SO many themes to choose from when it comes to your Bridal Shower. It’s almost my favorite part of having a wedding. It’s just for you and the best girls in your life, you can let loose, have a great time, etc. Plus it’s an extra day you get to be pampered.

These are a few of my top favorite themes. I have an awesome idea for a bridal shower, but it’s a secret. It’s being saved for the right bride. 🙂

This shower looks like SO MUCH FUN! Doesn't it? It's sort of a mixture between french and carnival. I of course love the touch of Audrey. This would be super easy to do and not too expensive.


I like the use of pink, being that it's a bridal shower. It's very traditional, but at a whole new level. It's extremely elegant, and there is just enough pink, so it's not overkill. I absolutely adore the long table. It is so much more intimate, in my opinion, to seat your guests this way. It's so girly but not too girly. It's the perfect balance. Bravo!


If you know me personally, it wouldn't be a surprise to you when I say that this one is my number one favorite! I love anything vintage/retro/fifties. Wouldn't it be so much fun to wear vintage bathing suits, hairstyles, glasses, and pumps and have a beach party? This rates 1 million on my scale of cuteness!


Today is a bridal shower day! More bridal shower inspired blog posts to come!

Dress Sale! $800 OBO

Attention Brides: My dear friend Christina is selling her wedding dress. It has NEVER been worn. She bought it for $3500 and is only asking $800. E-mail me if you’d like to buy it or make an offer! (

-Designer: Carilynn Collection
-Size: 15/16 – 40″
-Color: White
-Applique and beading embelishiments
-Gorgeous, never been worn and in great condition! Just needs a dry clean before wearing.



Button and beading detail

Beading Detail