‎”You did such an amazing job at the wedding. You were on point girl! Even when things were behind schedule, you made it work. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness and care with everything. This day was really important and special to us and I appreciate that you took so much care in making it perfect for us. You are truly amazing. We were so happy to have you as a part of our day! Thank you again for EVERYTHING!

Taryn & Nick”


‎”Wedding Coordinator Brittney Hogan was awesome and kept the night running smoothly. She organized everything from the food service to the end of the night. What a pro! She is the owner of Weddings by Brittney Hogan and she can be reached at 714-907-3281 or email her at brittneyhogan23@gmail.com”

– DJ Tim Coy of Pacific Events.

See link here: http://pacific-events.com/dj-tim-coy-years-eve-explosion-union-station/

New Years Eve 2011 Wedding Video-

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