Times are changing. 15-20 years ago the average marriage age was around 20 years old. Now, it seems couples are waiting until their late twenties, early thirties to tie the knot. If you’re not getting married fresh out of high school, then chances are you’ve both already accumulated the needed household goods for your new home. If that’s the case, registering for your wedding can be very difficult and seem a little pointless. Here’s an awesome alternative!


I heard about this idea a few years, and I wish I would have come up with it. It’s brilliant. Honeymoons are expensive! And so many times I’ve seen couples who can’t afford one say that they’ll take one when they can. Truth be told, time flies and you pop out a few kids, and their goes your romantic get away. So here is a fabulous alternative for the couple who already has a toaster and a magic bullet.

The honeymoon registry can be done online. So not only is it great for you, but it’s also so much less of a hassle for your guests. Below are a few sites you can visit to create your registry. You can register for hotel stays, dinners, activities, you name it! Just make sure you put the registry web address on your invitation!


Don't forget to snap some great photos of you and your man enjoying the activities your guests purchased for you! Then send it to them in a 'Thank You' card.