Some of these might be no brainers, but I found a lot of them were helpful. I hope you do too!

Photo by 'The Wedding Chicks'

-Instead of having your hair and makeup professionally done for pre-wedding events, attend to your beauty needs yourself and save your money to hire professionals for the main event.

-If you’re comfortable applying your own makeup on your wedding day, do it yourself, but visit a reputable cosmetics counter at a department store ahead of time for a makeover. This way, a professional can help you choose the colors that flatter you most, as well as teach you how to apply them properly. The only cost to you is that of the cosmetics, should you decide to purchase them. You also want to think about purchasing more expensive makeup for the day of the wedding, because they typically last longer. However, if the makeup is out of your budget, it may just end up being cheaper to go with a makeup artist who uses better makeup. See? So you’re just going to have to weigh your options carefully.

-Consider having a makeup artist do your makeup for the wedding, but don’t hire this professional to stay on hand during the wedding. Instead, simply purchase or ask for samples of any cosmetics you with to have on hand, and take care of touch-ups yourself.

-If you have a regular hair stylist, find out if he/she will do your hair for the wedding on a freelance basis. Often, it is less expensive to hire someone working on his/her own time than to go through a salon.

-Find out if you can get a reduced fee for bringing all of your bridesmaids to the same salon for their beauty appointments.

-Where both you hair and makeup are concerned, it’s best not to stray to far from a style that you’re already comfortable with. You don’t want to look like a stranger — to your guests, your groom or yourself — on your wedding day. Moreover, you’ll probably be happier with your photos if you’re sporting a do that’s familiar to you. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to try something you’ve always wanted to. If you can afford a hair stylist and they will create any look you want, take advantage of that. You don’t always have to play it safe, especially on your wedding day. 

-Plan your trial run for hair and makeup on the same day that you have a prenuptial event such as an engagement party, or a family dinner scheduled; no sense in having a good hairstyle and makeup application go to waste.

-Don’t get a dramatic new haircut before your wedding (This is SO something I would do, and then regret it later); instead, get a trim about three to four weeks before your wedding so that your hair will have time to grow in perfectly.

-Don’t have a facial or any other skin treatments within the two weeks before your wedding. Your nerves will be heightened and your skin may be a bit more sensitive; in the event of a less than favorable reaction, you’ll want to have plenty of time to recover.

-When you’re having your hair and makeup done, where a button-down shirt or a dress that can be slipped down over your hips; you don’t want to wear any clothing that will need to be pulled over your head and possibly mess up your hair or smudge your makeup.

-If you’re having cosmetics applied professionally, purchase or obtain a sample of lipstick being used (and any other cosmetics you feel you might need later) so that you’ll be able to reapply during the festivities.

-Stash a supply of blotting tissues in your purse so that you can keep the inevitable  shine off your nose and forehead. (shine has a tendency to show up in photographs) – My opinion is to use toilet seat covers to blot away oil on your face instead of tissue. It takes care of the shine better and doesn’t leave any unwanted tissue fuzz behind. Cut up a toilet seat cover, fold it and stick it in your purse. But of course, your wedding coordinator should hold on to that for you and can blot you if needed.


(Helpful tips brought to you by ‘The Bride’s Essential Wedding Planner’ by Amy Nebens – My comments are in bold)