Serve the following foods at your wedding reception for greatest fortune. And don’t forget wedding favors: In earlier days, wedding guests took home leftover food from the wedding in order to bring abundance upon themselves. Today, edible wedding favors (small boxes of chocolates, a takeaway bottle of wine for each guest) have the same effect. Favors in red packaging will bring added benefit: future happiness for your guests. (There’s some great ideas in that paragraph Brides!)

You will have healthy and beautiful children.

Serve bacon at your wedding, and wealth is just around the corner.

Bacon is so ridiculously popular right now. Score big points with your guests by including it in your hors d'oeuvres or menu items. They'll love you forever.

Serve beef cooked medium, and you and your husband will reap success in business.

Carrots augur prosperity when cut into round slices, and good health when cut into sticks. Serve them both ways for the greatest benefit!

Not only are carrots delicious, but they're beautiful! I love when caterers prepare them this way. It looks like they just came fresh from the ground.

Raise a glass of champagne in a toast and you ensure that your vivacity on the wedding day will not fade. IF you do not imbibe, sparkling water or other fizzy beverages can bring the same effect.

My husband hates Champagne, but I adore it! Add some flavor with fresh berries. There's just something about drinking Champagne that makes me feel and look classy.

Cheese, especially aged cheese, is a harbinger of lasting romance. Serve it at your wedding in passed hors d’oeuvres or on an appetizer buffet.

Baked aged goat cheese with olive tapenade. Yum! I would eat cheese and wine all day if I could.

Cherries, both raw and cooked, point to successful love and an easy, happy marriage.

What a great idea for a summer wedding! Who doesn't love to snack on fresh cherries on a hot summer day?

Success in work affairs is augured for you. For greatest benefit, choose roast chicken instead of stewed, poached, or boiled.

Lemon roasted chicken. You can't go wrong with this combination.

Chocolate at your wedding means you and your husband will always be able to provide for your family.

Serve chocolate at my wedding? You wouldn't have to tell me twice!

Crab brings good luck, especially when consumed in the winter months.

Crab Cakes! My favorite.

Dates usher in fertility — if you want three or more children, serve them at your wedding.

Bacon wrapped Dates: These are amazing! My mother and I had these at a business meeting in Newport Beach, CA about 5 years ago, and we still talk about them. These are a must!

Eggs bring good fortune of all kind.

Fruit at a wedding, especially very ripe fruit, is a sign of good health for years to come.

Fruit Parfaits! Easy to prepare, pretty inexpensive, and also great for an outdoor summer wedding.

Include garlic in wedding dishes, and you and your loved ones will receive protection from harm.

"You and your loved ones will receive protection from harm" - Translation: If you serve this, Vampires definitely won't crash your wedding!

Grapefruit chases away bitterness and evil.

Grapefruit Crap Avocado appetizer. Great way to combine three fortuitous foods!

Honey forecasts health, wealth, and a sweet life.

Honey is good drizzled on anything

Ice cream is particularly fortuitous: Eaten at a wedding, it will bring abundance, happiness, and many children.

This is such an awesome idea! Rent a vintage ice cream truck stocked with ice cream and pull it up at the venue. Delicious, unique and great photo op potential!

Serving green lettuce at a wedding forecasts a period of great enjoyment after a minor embarrassment has been resolved.

You could serve a delicious plated salad, but how cool is this? Create a salad bar at your reception with tons of delicious, fresh options. There are so many cute ways you could display the choices, too. Get creative!

Serve Lobster at your wedding dinner and you will have a fulfilled and joyful life. But be careful to serve the lobster whole rather than in pieces — a whole lobster symbolizes completeness in your relationship.

Serving Lobster at your wedding is going to be extremely expensive; Especially a whole one. However, let's say you have a small wedding of 30 or so guests on the beach with umbrellas and a fish market sort of theme...this could definitely work! Makes me want to be in Dana Point! Yum!

Mint is a noted aphrodisiac — for you and your new husband, as well as your wedding guests! (Ooh La La!)

Fresh lemonade with mint!

If you're going to use Mint, I highly recommend Fried Nutella! My husband and I make this all the time. It's out of this world! Fry the nutella in wonton wrappers, sprinkle powdered sugar on them, then dip a whole mint leaf in sugar and place on top. The word "wonton" means "swallowing a cloud", which is very appropriate because these tasty morsels melt in your mouth. Your guests will go crazy!

Serve olives at your wedding, and decorate tables with the leaves and branches of the olive tree, and your marriage will be a peaceful one.

Omelettes are harbingers of fertility. Eat them on your honeymoon, and leave the rest up to fate!

I know what you're thinking: Omelettes at a wedding!? But this could be just the edge you're looking for. How great would it be to have an omelette chef at your reception to prepare a midnight snack for your guests?

Pancakes will draw new friends to you.

Same goes for Pancakes. I'm thinking a late night snack for all of your late night party guests. It will also be a great way to help them sober up before it's time to go! Look at you being a thoughtful bride!

Pasta at a wedding reception (especially long, thin noodles) means longevity for you and your mate.

Eat pineapple at your wedding, and you and your husband will be well regarded in your social circles.

Well incorporating bacon into your menu won't be an issue, considering you can wrap everything in it. Bacon drenched in brown sugar wrapped around pineapple. Sounds amazing!

Red wine stands for the love shared between close friends. Serve it at your wedding and ensure a life full of happy hours whiled away with companions.

If you're thinking red wine is too formal for your occasion, try a red wine sangria! It's fun, fruity and cuban!


You and your husband always will be faithful to each other, and will beget many children, if you partake of rosemary at your wedding.

Rosemary seasoned fries. This is torture!

What a great way to use Rosemary. Go a step further and plant a whole bunch before your wedding (if you don't want to buy it), bundle it and package it with a little note telling your guests what good fortune it will bring them.

Salt brings forth wealth. It is especially auspicious when paired with bread.

Obviously there's going to be some salt in just about everything you serve, so you're good there. Maybe try a salted caramel dessert as well, since it's so popular right now.

Tomatoes at your wedding, especially in cooked dishes, mean you will travel far and wide during your marriage.

There are so many ways to use tomatoes, but this recipe comes highly recommended by yours truly. I made this tomato dip for a dinner party and my guests went crazy. Cut several cherry tomatoes in half and lay them out on a cookie sheet. Drizzle olive oil on top, sprinkle salt, pepper, garlic powder, and whatever other herbs you'd like. Then drizzle balsamic vinegar all over it. Bake it in the oven on 350 degrees until it starts to get mushy. Pour the tomatoes along with all the juices into a bowl and spoon on top of french bread. This tomato concoction will not only ensure travel in your future, but will send your guests traveling back for seconds!

Walnuts forecast prolific joy in your life together. If you serve them unshelled, and have guests open them with nutcrackers, joy will be theirs as well.

If you're having a sort of earthy themed wedding or one close to the holidays, place a single unshelled walnut on every guest's place setting. Along with it, place a nutcracker. Tie a note around it telling them what fortune walnuts will bring you, and then they can take home the nutcracker as a gift. Maybe even get your monogram engraved in it.

Wheat and grain are signs of fertility and good fortune. Serve bread at your wedding table and good luck and children are sure to follow.”

Just don't tell your guests that this fortune goes straight to their hips! It's one night...a little bread and butter won't kill them, right?

-From my “Fortune-Telling Book for Brides” book. Hope this gave you lots of great ideas and inspiration! Happy Planning.