Since Valentine’s day just passed, and it is the biggest days of the year for getting engaged, I felt this post was appropriate. Here is some more fun fortune telling from a little blue book I hold dear to my heart:

“The engagement ring and the wedding band: Two of the smallest elements in a wedding, they hold immense significance. Folklore has it that the fourth finger contains within it a vein that leads directly to the heart – and this is why the engagement ring and wedding band are most often worn on that finger.

On the wedding day, you will most likely be wearing your engagement ring, and by the end of the ceremony you will also bear a wedding band. Both of these represent the commitment you and your love have made to each other. But the type of precious metal and the gemstones involved, on your rings and in other jewelry you may be wearing on the day of the nuptials, can tell you still more about the future…….

Gemstones carry within them powerful meaning. If one of the following stones is a part of your engagement ring, read on to see what fortune will be coming your way. Or wear one or a combination of these stones on the day of your nuptials and choose the luck you most desire.

Amber catches negativity and can change it to positive. Wear it if you have any anxiety at all about the wedding day or the ceremony itself. Or give an amber charm to a bridesmaid who is feeling particularly nervous or depressed.

Amethyst calms the mind and brings clarity and wisdom. However, its most powerful aspect is its ability to help one let go of the past and embrace the future. Wear it if you need an extra push from you single life into your married one.

Aquamarine brings courage and sharpens the intuition. It also offers protection from harm. Wear it to draw strength to yourself on the wedding day.

Carnelian banishes envy, fear, and sadness. Keep your spirits light with a piece of jewelry that showcases carnelian.

Particularly suited for go-getter personalities, citrine attracts success and wealth and hold on to it.

Diamond is a protector — it represents strength and eternity. You may likely have a diamond as part of your engagement ring — but it does not hurt to amplify its powers by pairing it with a matching necklace or earrings on the big day.

Emerald is omnipotent — it strikes down sadness, brings peace, heals, gives patience, and provides balance. It seals marriages and families. The love it watches over lasts forever.

Garnet is a purifying gemstone. It also brings constancy and stability. Wear a garnet ring and you will be untouched by all doubt on the wedding day.

Hematite calms anxiety, and brings self-awareness. Use it on your wedding day and you will be at your best during the nuptials and the celebration afterward.

Jade stands for prosperity and serenity. Green jade in particular heals the heart and binds lovers together. Wisdom and protection come to all couples who wear it.

Onyx, and black onyx in particular, provides grounding and stability, and also augurs productivity.

Opal represents hope. It also has the power to amplify and clarify buried feelings and desires — wear it on your wedding day and your vows to your husband will come easily and ring true.

On a wedding day, pearls stand in for a bride’s real tears, ensuring her a future life with little sadness and much joy. If possible, borrow pearls from a relative who has had a very happy life. White pearls also represent purity, modesty, and innocence, while gold and black pearls forecast prosperity.

Peridot ushers in understanding and acceptance, helps with openness, and relieves anger, fear, and jealousy. It also increases one’s inner strength — an important quality on a wedding day.

Rose quartz opens the heart and allows for the free exchange of love. Worn on the wedding day, it enhances the beauty of the bride. It has also been used in love rituals for thousands of years because it aids with passion in the physical relationship.

Rubies attract wisdom, heighten self-confidence, and allow their wearers to face old fears and put them behind. Wear rubies, and you will be adventurous and also protected against misfortune in your adventures.

Wearing sapphires brings great insight and intuition, both into the future and into the minds of others. Wear it on your wedding day and communication between you and your husband will always be smooth and easy. Peace and joy will be a hallmark of your love.

Tiger’s eye brings clarity of thinking, and takes anxiety and fear and changes it to confidence and action. IF you need a boost of motivation, wear a tiger’s eye.

Topaz offers strength, physical stamina, and focus. IT lessens anxiety, tiredness, moodiness, and nervousness. To a union of two lovers, it offers fidelity.

Turquoise is a grounding stone. Its color comes from the blue of the sky and the green of the earth, and as such it can signify prosperity and wisdom. Wear it during your wedding and you will feel secure and safe.


Gold will bring good health; wearing a gold band will also increase your inner strength and willpower.

Choose white gold for your wedding bands, and a close friend of your will meet her future husband at your wedding.

Wearing a wedding band made of this scarce metal will garner your protection from harm.

You are artistic and creative; cultivate this talent and it will someday bring you great happiness and comfortable wealth.”