-The type of attire that the groom and groomsmen wear is usually influenced by the time of day of the wedding and the level of formality. In general, a formal evening affair calls for black tie, while white tie is worn for ultra-formal evening events. For a semi-formal daytime wedding, a suite is appropriate (dark colors for colder seasons, light ones for warmer times of the year); blue blazers and khakis are reserved for semi-formal daytime events in warm-weather months.

*Remember brides: These are strictly guidelines. If you want to be a rebel and have your Groom and Groomsmen wear lighter color suites in colder weather, then go for it! This is your wedding, and no one is grading you on it. Do whatever you feel best expresses you and your honey! Don’t be afraid to break the rules!

-A sales associate at a formalwear store will be able to assist the groom and groomsmen in selecting the appropriate attire, whether they are purchasing or renting.

-Men should wear either a pocket square or a boutonniere — not both.

(LOVE the suspenders and Raybans <3)


-Some formalwear stores give discounts on the groomsmen’s attire if the groom buys/rents his ensemble there. (Good to know!)

-Sometimes formalwear stores will give a group discount if more than one person rents their attire there; it is also worth asking if any discounts are given on accessory purchases, should the groom wish to give his groomsmen cuff links or tie and cumberbund sets as gifts.

-Often brand-name accessories can be purchased online at discounted prices. (This is a great tip guys! With anything I buy, I always get the name of it and then check online to see if I can get it less expensive. It pays off to shop around. You will find that most of the time, what you want is on sale somewhere else or a knock off is sold that looks almost identical to the original. Don’t worry, I won’t tell 😉 )

-Instead of renting shoes, the groom and groomsmen might try on a polished pair of dress loafers or other dress shoes to see how they coordinate with the ensemble. (Or if your wedding style is more casual – be creative: Have all of your groomsmen wear matching same color Chuck Taylors!)