Here are some quick tips and advice on shopping for your Bridesmaid dresses. Hopefully this info will save you some time, stress and money. Happy Planning!

-Bridesmaid dresses/outfits can be obtained from a number of different sources. Some salons that offer wedding gowns carry attire for bridesmaids as well. There are also salons devoted solely to bridesmaid dresses. May brides select off-the-rack garments from department stores and other retail clothing stores.

-As is the case with wedding gowns, salons typically stock sample bridesmaid dresses/outfits in one size for attendants to try on; a dress is then ordered based on the attendant’s measurements.

-As they do with bridal gowns, salons often charge rush fees for bridesmaid dresses ordered after a certain point, so start shopping earlier rather than later.

-Traditionally, bridesmaids pay for their own attire. Some brides choose to make a contribution to this expense.


-Consider choosing a color and dress length that you like and letting each bridesmaid find her own gown. Doing so not only allows your attendants to select outfits that flatter them, but also gives them the chance to purchase something in line with their budget; moreover, they won’t be subject to the hefty alteration fees charged by salons. (This style is very in right now)

-If your attendants will be wearing long gowns or dresses of their own choosing, don’t ask them to get dyeable shoes. With floor-length dresses, shoes will most likely be out of sight; and if the attendants wear different outfits, there’s no need for them to have their shoes dyed to match.

-Remember that some bridal salons offer discounts on bridesmaid dresses if you purchase your wedding gown there.

I love this look! It’s so casual & vintage, but still timeless and classy.

I adore this. If Hunter and I were to have a wedding, there would definitely be cowboy boots involved! The different blue dresses with the orange bouquets: Perfection.

I love this dress and the color!

I hope this post was informative and inspiring! More to come ❤