What does your wedding dress silhouette and length say about you?

From the sweeping grandeur of a ball gown to the no-nonsense close fit of a sheath, the silhouette of the dress you wear truly makes a personal statement, and holds meaning as well. Take a look:


Like the letter A, a bride in this dress likes to stand up front and be recognized. You are the master of your own destiny. Don’t ever settle for second best.

You are a born leader. Your personality is magnetic and admirers and followers will always surround you. Treat people with kindness and you will go even further.

You are a free thinker and have a real ability to inspire others. Later in life, you will be at the forefront of social change.

You love deeply but have a tendency to be reserved. Work on your expressiveness and your relationships with others will only flourish.

You have always attracted the attention of the opposite sex — but luckily for your husband, once you give your love to one person, you will always be true.



Long, short, or somewhere in between — the perfect length for your dress is up to you, as it reflects your unique personality.

You are known for your poise in difficult situations. You tend to be serious, but have a playful side that others delight in seeing. You love deeply and will be a devoted partner to your mate.

You are a model of discretion. Friends will rely on you to keep their secrets, and never disappoint. Keenly observant, you notice things that others do not, and the conclusions you draw from these observations are nearly always accurate.

You have high ideals. Although it takes much to please you, when you are satisfied you are quick to lavish praise. You are intelligent and studious and would do well to dedicate yourself to academic pursuits.

Your nature is easy and casual; your feathers are not easily ruffled. Your generosity is one of your finest traits. Keep on giving yourself; your selflessness will pay off.