(I know, the quote on my title is so over-used, but I love Marie Antoinette)

Here in North Carolina, we all know, the weather plays a huge part in planning your wedding. There are certain things you should or shouldn’t do when having an outdoor wedding due to the humidity. Here are a few tips to consider when deciding on your cake. Regardless the venue (indoor or outdoor), these are some great tips.

-If you’re having an outdoor wedding in warm weather, consult with your cake designer about what ingredients will be able to withstand the heat.
-If your cake will be topped with fresh fruit, find out when the fruit will be added; the cake designer should do this as close to the presentation time as possible so that the fruit and cake look their best.
-Give some thought to the presentation of your cake. Discuss with the site coordinator or caterer where in the reception room the cake will be displayed, on what type of surface it will rest, whether or not there will be a table cloth and what color it will be, and how the surface can be adorned. You might want to talk to your cake designer about providing sugared or gum-paste flowers to scatter at the base of the cake (especially is you’re already having these decorations on the cake). An alternative is to opt for a floral display, though any such arrangement should enhance rather than outdo the cake; and remember that any flowers on or near the cake must be nonpoisonous and free from pesticides.
-Ask your parents or future in-laws if they have the knife they used to cut their wedding cake and if you may borrow it. Using such an heirloom will make the cake-cutting ceremony even more special.
-May couples use special toasting glasses during the cake-cutting ceremony; these may be flutes that you and your groom pick out together for the occasion or pieces from your family’s crystal. You may, of course, also ask the site coordinator or caterer to provide basic champagne flutes for your toast.

Keep it simple:
Instead of having the florist make an arrangement for the cake display, have the bridesmaids hand over their bouquets after the ceremony so that their blooms can be arranged around the cake.