Just a couple few quick tips to save you some money! Hope they help!

-The smaller the guest list, the lower your catering costs will be.
-Typically buffet style meals are less expensive than seated ones.
-Offer just one selection for the main course (with one option for vegetarians or other special dietary needs) to keep catering costs down.
-Instead of a full open bar, offer wine, beer, soft drinks, and one signature cocktail.
-If you opt for a full open bar, consider closing it an hour before the reception is scheduled to end; this will not only cut down on your costs, but also reduce the amount of drinking that occurs as people are getting ready to leave.
-Let guests raise their glasses of wine (or whatever they’re drinking) for the toasts instead of having champagne. You’ll save a few dollars per guest that way.
-Ask caterers about bringing your own liquor. You may also be able to save money if you purchase alcohol wholesale (Costco or Sams Club has great alcohol prices); just make sure to find out if the caterer charges a corkage fee (a fee for “opening” bottles you provide).
-Let the wedding cake be dessert. There’s no need for another full dessert; often caterers will offer fruit or petits fours to accompany plated cake slices.