The Engagement

One of the happiest days of your life can be the day you become engaged. And the weather on that day can forecast even more happiness.


An unobstructed sky symbolizes a clear future. It is a very favorable sign for the day of an engagement.


If you get engaged on a cloudy day, this suggests that at least one friend or family member will have trouble accepting your engagement. Trust your intuition when you deal with this situation, and things will clear up soon.


Rain around the time of an engagement signals creativity is on the horizon. Bask in the excitement of being newly betrothed, but also consider using this newfound energy to do some early wedding planning.


Virgin snow represents new beginnings — and as such is a very auspicious sign for an engagement. If the snow is falling when the engagement happens, you will find a new way of looking at an old problem, and this will bring you the resolution you have been hoping for.


It was blue skies for Hunter and I the day he popped the question. 🙂