Not a lot of people realize it, but flowers for a wedding can be super expensive! Not only do you have to get a great bouquet for yourself, and all of your bridesmaids, but the centerpieces for your tables definitely add up. Here is a tip I’d like to share with you.

Do the centerpieces yourself. Check all your local stores for inexpensive vases. If you don’t mind an eclectic look, you can get vases from everywhere as long as they sort of go together. Or if you want them all to match, IKEA has some really great but inexpensive vases. See below.

This Vase is only $1.99! It’s so simple and classy. You could put one on each table with a few candles around it and dim the lights. This will create a simple, romantic setting. Fill the vase with one simple rose and water, or put a few stems like the photo. Dress the vase up with some ribbon or rhinestones if you want a little more bling.

Or if you want to go with a shorter vase with more flowers, try this one:

This vase would look great with a bundle of gerber daisies in it. It’s simple, chic and small enough so that no one at the table has to look around it to converse. I hate that! These vases are also $1.99 from IKEA.

Now what about the flowers?

I’ll tell you a story. My mother got married last January. We didn’t have much time to plan it at all, and I can’t remember what the issue was with the flowers, but it was about 2 hours until the ceremony and we had NO flowers. I grabbed my drinking glasses at home and ran to Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s had bouquets of flowers for $4.99. They were beautiful and exactly her color and style. I grabbed about 5 or 6 bouquets and took them back to the venue. I separated the bundles and made 4 bouquets including my moms out of them, filled the table vases, and even managed to fill the little drinking glasses on the cocktail tables. Cheapest flowers I’ve ever seen for a wedding! They looked fabulous and no one knew it was an after-thought.

So one way to get inexpensive flowers would be to run to your local store (if it’s a small enough wedding), or if you have a TAX ID # or know someone who does, you can get wholesale flowers from a flower mart or nursery for half the price you would spend on buying them from a florist.


Good Luck!