Out of my favorite little book “Fortune Telling for Brides”, here is what the stars say about the flowers you chose for your wedding.

From Aster to Zinnia, you have many choices when it comes to wedding flowers – and these choices can bring you luck, happiness, and true love.

Legend has it that an aster first bloomed when the constellation Virgo dropped stardust to earth. Choose asters, and you and your love will travel far and wide and see great lands.

You have unparalleled beauty. Although many men desire you, you and your mate will love each other with great ardor.

Carnations augur true bliss in marriage. Your husband’s profound admiration of you will never fade.

Your optimistic outlook on life will ensure happiness. Your mate’s innate cheerfulness is a very good match for you.

Give your husband-to-be a daffodil to wear on your wedding day, and he will always be chivalrous and kind.

You and your mate will take part in an action that will win you the gratitude of thousands.

Daisies, in olden days, were carried by unmarried women to show that they returned a suitor’s affection. Choose daisies, and you and your love will always be true to one another. Wear a daisy in your left stocking and you will give birth early in marriage.

You and your beloved will lead an innocent life, untouched by worry or harm.

Still waters run deep: The strong mutual attraction you have as newlyweds will never fade.

You and your husband will become devoted to a particular cause and will spend much of your time and energies working in pursuit of it. It will do much to strengthen your union.

You will develop a great eloquence, and it will win you fame and fortune.

You have a regal quality and may seem standoffish at times, but your loyalty runs deep. As the years go by, friends will know you as a steady rock in times of trouble.

This delicate flower signifies a return of happiness. It is true that there have been rough periods in your life – but rejoice; there will be smooth sailing from here on out.

This bloom, especially the paperwhite narcissus, will bring you the respect that you greatly deserve.

You and your husband will always be passionate about each other, and you will live in grand luxury. If your husband eats an orchid petal on the wedding dat, you will be blessed with many children.

The springtime will always be a season of great happiness and renewal for your family.

Roses in your bouquet will mean a future life of small kindnesses bestowed upon you by strangers. Pale pink roses mean that only one person truly understands your heart – your groom. Red and while roses together symbolize the unity in your marriage, while yellow roses signify the deep friendship the two of you will share.

If you carry snapdragons down the aisle, you will most likely give birth to your first child in the springtime.

Your children will adore you. Later in life, you will meet another child, unrelated to you, who will also become unfailingly devoted to you.

The lasting fragrance of sweet pea symbolizes the ongoing enjoyment you and your mate will gain from each other.

Your wit and charm will be legendary among your group of friends.

You and your beloved have a bond so strong that nothing in your life will be able to shake it. As you pass your twentieth anniversary, this bond will grow even stronger. Carrying red tulips, in particular, signifies your devotion to each other.

You will be known for your unfailingly kind and patient nature.

You and your love will be happiest when surrounded by your wide circle of friends.