Stationery Checklist:

Invitation, ceremony/reception card, response card, response envelope, pew card or within-the-ribbon card, map/direction card, accommodations card, rain card, parking card………………..STOP! Are you kidding me!? That is way too many cards!

I understand that each of these cards serve a purpose, and this is the way wedding stationery has been done for years, but my goodness… there has to be a simpler, less expensive way to invite people to your wedding.

And there is!

Hire a graphic designer to design you ONE postcard. Front and back. Depending on where you get them printed, you can choose from several shapes and dimensions. The shape, along with the creative design that ties in the theme of your wedding will be enough to still make your stationery stand out.

“But how can I possibly fit all of the necessary information on ONE postcard?” You don’t have to. Put just the cliff notes: Who, what, where, when and for more information guide your guests to you (drumroll) wedding website! Everyone has one these days. It’s so simple. You can get a free wedding website online and organize the pages & info any way you please. Several sites offer this, but my personal favorite host of these fabulous websites is 

Now you don’t have to pay ridiculous printing prices to get a million different sized cards printed and attempt to stuff them strategically in one envelope. Keep it simple and save yourself a ton of trouble.


Who will design this and where will you get it printed? By us, of course!

Email me for more details on our design and printing costs. I guarantee we’ve got the best prices in town. (