You don’t have to already be married for this fortune to apply to you, you may be engaged but already set a date for your big day, or maybe you haven’t set one yet…in that case, let this help you decide. It’s fun!

Here is what my “Fortune Telling book for Brides” says about ‘Wedding Dates’:

“Marry on Monday for health, Tuesday for wealth, Wednesday the best day of all…” The month and day that you wed holds particular portent for your married life to come – you future health, wealth, and happiness can be determined by this timing. The months themselves hold individual meaning, and within each month are days that are particularly auspicious. Planning wedding events on or near those days is recommended. Choose wisely…..


January is named for the Roman god Janus, the god of the doorway. Hence January is seen as the “doorway” to each new year. Marrying in this month signifies that you and your mate will be open to new possibilities throughout your life together.

*Most auspicious dates: 2, 16, 25*

Jan 1-15
Marrying early in January reflects your energy and self-reliance. Trust yourself when making wedding arrangements; if you follow your instincts, you will have the ceremony of your dreams.

Jan 16-31
A late January wedding will be a social event talked about for years to come.



In Scandinavian countries, February is known as “the month of the pearl.” Marry in this month and the intensity of your love will be rare and valuable.

*Most auspicious dates: 6, 18, 29*

Feb 1-15
A marriage between these dates assures children who will be devoted and caring.

Feb 16-29
Marry in this time period and you will have rare good luck all your lives. A wedding on February 29 of a leap year will bring especially good fortune.



March is a month of newfound clarity. Plan your wedding for March and you and your husband will be assured a mutual understanding that will only grow with time.

*Most auspicious dates: 14, 15, 21*

March 1-15
In many cultures, March signifies the beginning of the new year. Marry in the first two weeks of March and your like together will never grow stale.

March 16-31
Usher in spring with a late March wedding, especially on March 21, and you will have an easy time in childbirth.



A wedding in April has the potential to be a fairy-tale event if you are willing to commit the time and energy to planning it.

*Most auspicious dates: 2, 3, 24*

April 1-15
People trust you, and you have the ability to handle a great amount of responsibility. A career in politics may be in your future.

April 16-30
Grace Kelly married Prince Rainier on April 19, 1956. You too have a royal bearing and great beauty. Accentuate it by marrying in this time period.



May is “the month of mothers.” Honor your maternal lineage, and set the stage for motherhood in your own life, by marrying in this month.

*Most auspicious dates: 7, 21, 24*

May 1-15
You will receive and unexpected inheritance from a relative you never knew. Spend it on education for your children, and the rewards will come back to you several times over.

May 16-31
You will have many children and even more grandchildren. Your retirement years will be comfortable and secure.



Juno, the goddess of marriage, rule this month. More weddings take place in June than in any other month, and for good reason – Juno ushers in prosperity and joy to couples. Secure your own happiness with June nuptials.

*Most auspicious dates: 4, 12, 24*

June 1-15
A new career opportunity will come your way during the first five years of marriage. Even though it involves a move to a far away city, you should take it.

June 16-30
You will meet unusual and compelling new friends through charity work you are involved in.



This month plays host to weddings fit for royalty. On July 29, 1981, Lady Diana Spencer wed Charles, Prince of Wales, in an unforgettable ceremony watched by millions. Stage your own princess wedding in July, and all eyes will be on you.

*Most auspicious dates: 9, 17, 30*

July 1-15
You will embark on many business ventures. Most will fail, but the few that do succeed will gain you fame and fortune.

July 16-31
You will always have good luck in the summer months.



Marry in August and later in your marriage you will be rewarded for your hard work and commitment.

*Most auspicious dates: 6, 20, 21*

Aug 1-15
You will find your greatest happiness in marriage and motherhood.

Aug 16-31
Though you can be impulsive, your instincts are usually correct. Continue to follow them. Travel is also in your future – at some point in your life you will live overseas.



An old rhyme states, “Marry in September’s shine, your living will be rich and fine.” It’s true. Plan your wedding for this month and you will garner material possessions as well as much happiness.

*Most auspicious dates: 10,18, 19*

Sept 1-15
You will be blessed with many opportunities throughout your life. Don’t hesitate; reach out to them as they are offered to you. Chances you pass up may not come again.

Sept 16-30
Keep your heart open. A friend with whom you have had a falling out will try and reconcile things.



October is an auspicious month for new beginnings. Marry in this month, and later on in life you will find October to be a fortuitous time for starting new ventures and projects.

*Most auspicious dates: 7,9,15*

Oct 1-15
Your marriage will be tested in its first few years by an unexpected event – but keep your mate tightly by your side and you will come through even stronger than before.

Oct 16-31
An unexpected prize will be yours; to hasten its coming, enter contests and raffles.



November brides tend to blaze their own trails in life. Harness your originality – a unique business prospect may be in your future.

*Most auspicious dates: 5, 20, 27*

Nov 1-15
You will travel extensively for your chosen career, but your greatest happiness will always come in returning home.

Nov 16-30
You are very self-reliant. Lean on your partner, friends, and family more, and it will pay off.



End the year with a wedding in December and it will garner you and your husband protection from harm.

*Most auspicious dates: 4, 10, 31*

Dec 1-15
You have never considered yourself very creative, but be patient: Later in life, you will be the brains behind a new invention.

Dec 16-31
Remember to look forward, not back, and success in all its forms will be yours.


Which one are you? Was it true for you? Or was it way off? Share with us.