As you may know, I am from California. They don’t have cotton fields where I’m from. Let me just make that clear. So when I first came to North Carolina, I saw my first real cotton field and I was BEYOND excited. I made my husband jump out of the car and pick me one immediately. So he did, and him being from Indiana… he got a real kick out of my excitement. I still have the cotton he picked for me on my bathroom shelf and I admire it every day.

Now that you have an idea of my love for cotton, here are a couple awesome ways you can use cotton in your wedding! I really hope you enjoy this as much as I do!

First of all, how beautiful is this!? I love this idea. This is what I want to do in a cotton field on any given day…but unfortunately I don’t have a reason to. This Bride, however, does…and she looks great doing it!

Look at this! An entire bouquet made out of cotton! WOW! This is a fabulous idea. Great for a vintage or farm wedding; it’s very organic looking.

It’s so simple. I absolutely adore this look. I think he even has a cotton bow-tie. We need to applaud this couple, because they are seriously dedicated to their theme.

Burlap + Cotton = Perfection. Look at the cotton tied to string lining the aisle. This is divine.

Notice the cotton tied to fishing line on the right of this picture. What a great idea. You can do so much with Cotton. I can’t wait to do a wedding involving this glorious plant! Please, if anyone is looking to incorporate cotton in with their wedding, give me a call. I have tons of great ideas!