I will share another one today since this relates to proposals…


At a Restaurant: The two of you have expensive and cultured tastes. Fortunately, you will have the means to afford the lifestyle you desire. If you became engaged at a restaurant you had been to before, you already have your wealth, or it will follow quickly after marriage; if the restaurant was new to you, your fortune will come with time.

At Home: Neither of you is exceedingly outgoing, but in smaller groups you can prove to be very entertaining and gregarious. You will be liked a great deal by friends and acquaintances, and you will be exceedingly affectionate with your children.

By The Ocean: At one point you believed you might never marry, butting getting engaged by the ocean (especially at sunset or sunrise) symbolizes the freedom and sense of self that you will retain in your future marriage. You’re ready for this next step; embrace the possibilities with open arms.

Near Water: If you became engaged by a river, lake, or waterfall, the two of you will meet a new couple in the first year of marriage who will change your lives for the better.

Over Water: If the proposal took place on a boat, you and your mate will find great pleasure in helping others together. If it happened on a pier or jetty, the two of you will take enjoyment in nature and the outdoors.

By The Trees: Trees are symbols of life and the soul. Becoming engaged under a tree symbolizes that you and your future husband will shelter each other all your lives, and serve as a grounding influence for each other. Becoming engaged under a fruit-bearing tree, or a tree with new buds, represents fertility in your marriage.

Near Mountains: Mountains are good omens. Becoming engaged on a mountaintop foretells a marriage in which the two of you will win fame and recognition. On the other hand, becoming engaged at the base of a mountain, or within view of mountains, means that you and your partner will gain strength from each other for all your lives.

In The Air: An engagement in an airplane, a hot-air balloon, or other flying craft symbolizes the potential for you and your love to reach great heights. You are known for your optimism and good humor, while he is thorough and diligent. You’re better together than apart – pool your strengths and you will be unstoppable.

On Stairs: Stairs represent decisiveness. Becoming engaged at the top of a set of stairs, or on an upper story of a building, points to the fact that the future marriage is exactly the right decision. A spiral staircase has much the same portent, but also augurs longevity for the couple. And an engagement on a balcony means that you and your love may spend long stretches of time apart during your marriage – but these absences will not dull the feelings you have for one another.

How did your man propose?