“Your engagement is the first official step toward a blissful marriage. And the manner in which the two of you became engaged speaks volumes about your future life together. Whether the proposal was a complete surprise or you knew it was coming, whether your beloved got down on one knee or swept you off your feet when he asked you, whether it happened at home or on a romantic evening out – these all hold the key to what lies ahead…” – Fortune Telling Book For Brides (By K.C. Jones)

Last year my Husband I took a trip down to Naples, Long Beach. We weren’t married at the time, we had actually just met the month before. It was Nov 14, 2010. It was a gorgeous day. We went to Huntington Beach first, and then down to look in the shops on 2nd Street in Belmont Shores. He is from Indiana, so I wanted to show him all of my favorite parts of California. We had an amazing time. Well, we went into my favorite store down there called “Romance, etc.” and we went upstairs and looked at the books. We found the book “Fortune Telling for Brides” and we read it together. I felt all tingly and excited because it was talking about brides. And he seemed interested in it, so the thought crossed my mind that maybe he was thinking he wanted to marry me. Haha. He asked me if I wanted him to buy it for me, but I said no because I’m not a bride, or engaged, etc. So he said okay. And we left. (I really did want it, badly) Next we went down to the canals in Naples. It’s a little neighborhood on the water that literally makes you feel like you’re in Italy. We went on a Gondola ride. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a long canoe-type boat where a man in a striped shirt stands on the back of it and rows. It only seats two, sometimes four, and it’s VERY romantic. They played music on the boat…all of my favorites: Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, etc. And that was the night Hunter told me he wanted to marry me. Now, it wasn’t a proposal…but just to know he was considering it, was so nice. I was so happy.

The next day, I drove all the way back to that store on 2nd street from San Diego while he was at work, and bought the little book. Then that night I showed it to him and we sat on base and looked through it all.

So I’ll be sharing pages from it every now and then. I think it’s super fun! It was going to be my (something blue).


Hidden Ring: If your engagement ring was hidden in something (a champagne flute, a box of chocolates), your life together will be full of excitement. Expect many happy surprises in the years to come.

On Bended Knee: If your husband-to-be got down on one knee and proposed, it is likely that you will be parents to three or more children.

On Vacation: Your life together will include much time for leisure. It is possibly that either you or your husband will have a career in academia.

On A Holiday: Your marriage will be marked by a deep and abiding passion for one another. Your lives will be busy-but remember to set aside time to be alone together.

On Your Birthday: You will always be first and foremost in your true love’s heart, and you will return his feeling with equal ardor.

In Front of Friends or Family: As a couple, you will seek the company of others frequently, and will have a thriving social life.

In Public: You will take big risks together. But don’t worry – they will pay off.

In A Written Message: If the proposal came tucked in a fortune cookie, carved in the sand on a beach, as a message in a bottle, or in some other written form, your life together will be an unconventional one, but you will always be happy. Hold fast to your convictions – do not be influenced by what others think.

If You Did The Asking: You will be the outwardly dominant member of the marriage. You are a discerning judge of character and you surround yourself with only those who have the highest ideals. Luckily, your husband-to-be fits the bill!


(hunter proposed to me on a picnic bench on the bay at MCRD San Diego on Dec 12th, 2010. Wine and cheese was involved 😉 He knows the way to my heart.)

Tell me your story! I’m eager to hear which one of these relates to you!