These days all of the weddings you see in magazines and on TV have something huge in common. Branding. When planning your wedding, it is no longer as easy as just picking a color scheme and using it throughout your event. It’s more than that. Now just about every couple has a custom logo designed specifically for their wedding, and they use that logo on everything from start to finish. It ties the whole theme of your wedding together.

The objective is to make your event memorable, to incorporate details that your guests will associate specifically with your wedding. How do you do this? It’s easy. Simply use your specific logo and theme on everything you send out to your guests before the wedding (save the dates, invitations, etc.) and then continue to use it on everything your guests see at your wedding (menus, place cards, the cake, welcome signs, etc.). Your logo and branding should reflect you as a couple as well as the type of event you’re going to have. That way when your guests receive their save the dates, they already know what to expect on the big day. As soon as they get to your reception site, they will recognize your branding immediately. See some examples below:

Custom signs are a fabulous touch for an outdoor wedding. A great way to let your guests know where they should be. Signs are so easy to make, and another perfect place to put your wedding logo to keep your theme flowing.

If you are having trouble choosing the theme of your wedding, or coming up with cohesive branding… I work with an amazing graphic designer that can not only design your logo, but create all of your wedding stationary at a great price. We can also get it everything printed for you. See my ‘Packages’ page for more information.